Bulloneria Bellicini also manufactures other fasteners according to European dimensional and quality standards (UNI-EN-DIN-ISO). These include countersunk flat-head screws, screws with caps, screws with square neck, lug bolts, hammer screws, rectangular head screws with square neck. These fasteners feature diameters ranging from 20mm to 64 mm, with a length up to 640 mm. Customers are given the opportunity to customise the size of the head, shank, thread, processing tolerances. The fasteners are made of carbon and alloy steel, according to strength classes 4.6-5.6-8.8-10.9-12.9-14.9-B7. We offer galvanic coatings even with dehydrogenation, geomet, burnishing and phosphating.

Technical sheets: 
DIN 186 / DIN 188
DIN 603 / UNI 5731
DIN 604 / UNI 5733
DIN 605 / DIN 608 / JNI 5735 / JNI 6401
DIN 607 / JNI 5730
DIN 792
UNI 5734

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