Bulloneria Bellicini pays maximum attention to product quality, for this reason it constantly updates its machinery and related production processes.

Internally, the production is organised according to the following stages, through a cyclical pattern:

  • 1. Reception, inspection and storage, with raw material cataloguing;
  • 2. Cutting with saw or shearing machine;
  • 3. Hot-pressing: inspection of the equipment with accuracy checks performed by the internal workshop. Availability of three screw presses equipped with a wide range of moulds, also for pull-off bolts, with lug and hammer, round head pins and milled head pins; control of the heating temperature using the pyrometer;
  • 4. Turning using next generation Computer Numerical Control machines, which offer maximum flexibility and precision. Processing is carried out with constant checks and recording of the same throughout the process;
  • 5. Thread formation:
    • Thread by rolling: plastic deformation of the material obtained by rolling; we have a large stock of rollers that can even meet the most particular customer needs;
    • Thread by removal, with Computer Numerical Control machines;
    • Final inspection with stop-and-go gauges;

For strength classes 8.8-10.9 we can make the thread after the heat treatment, with any specific piece marking.


Special Processing

Our bolt factory, thanks to the experience and professionalism gained over time, is able to provide special processes as:

  • Milling
  • Holes
  • Tapping
  • Marking
  • Straightening
  • Grinding: we grind pieces with a high level finishes and tolerances

Heat treatments

This process is outsourced by Bulloneria Bellicini, at companies selected by us and checked periodically with specific audits.

The heat treatment gives the pieces the mechanical characteristics of the strength class required by the customer (8.8-10.9-12.9-B7 etc). Bulloneria Bellicini can also provide treatments such as: cementation, induction treatment, nitriding.

Surface coating

This process is also outsourced by Bulloneria Bellicini, at companies selected by us and checked periodically with specific audits.

The treatments that we can provide, on customer request, are carried out in accordance with their respective reference standards and include:
  • galvanic coatings with dehydrogenation 
  • geomet
  • burnishing
  • phosphating

Each treatment involves the release, by the supplier, of specific certification stating the work process applied and the checks carried out;


At the end of the processing cycle, each batch undergoes final checks that precede the packaging stage: this involves checking the size of the piece, the straightness, the threads, the hardness and whatever is necessary to ensure that the supply is correct and accurate.

The goods are packed according to customer requirements, in cardboard boxes, wooden crates, EU pallets, EU pallets with wooden sides.