Established in Berzo Inferiore in 1978, Bulloneria Bellicini offers its customers consolidated experience in the field of hot pressed bolts and screws.

The company was founded as a result of a project of the Bellicini spouses and developed over time on the domestic market. Today Bulloneria Bellicini is a reality in Europe and its production is absorbed mainly by export.

The structure of the company, its internal organisation and service reliability are able to meet various requests from customers, even through the creation of special customised parts: this does not involve the organisation of a finished product warehouse, but instead the creation of a flexible system based on individual and specific customer needs.

The computerisation of the job order management process, the production process management system through ISO 9001, the machinery and advanced equipment, with the use of certified raw materials, ensure the high quality of the distributed product: both on the Italian and European markets.

The ISO 9001 system is also used, since 2006, to choose and select the suppliers of raw materials, services and management of the operating and production system, with the aim to achieve total customer satisfaction through products of the highest quality.


Bulloneria Bellicini has structured its company organisation around the following objectives:​

  1. 1. Flexibility
     We are able to provide heterogeneous supplies, also including items not that are commonly traded and available in stock. By means of the hot-pressing process, we are able to meet requests regarding the creation of special pieces, produce large diameters (up to 64 mm diameters) or pieces according to technical specifications provided by the customer, as well as respond quickly to needs related to small batches.
  2. 2. Reliability
    Fully skilled and experienced operators are able to consistently deliver their technical knowledge, to meet customer needs; we endeavour to assist customers in solving technical problems and in choosing the best solutions.
  3. 3. Improvement
    Thanks to the extreme flexibility and experience also gained thanks to frequent customised processing, our know-how is constantly updated and developed, as well as the machinery used for production.
    The improvement of our standards is certainly an objective that is pursued continuously.
  4. 4. Quality
    Bulloneria Bellicini has long undertaken a process aimed at achieving a high quality product, through continuous technological improvement, selection of suppliers, selection and ongoing training of operators, management of a production system aimed at a continuous control of its product manufacturing process.

    This objective has involved acquiring and maintaining the ISO 9001 quality certificate since 2006.
  • 1. Product quality control:
  • A.Strict criteria for selecting the raw material suppliers: verification of supplier's ability to meet the material supply requirements (ISO 898)
  • B.Internal checks of the steel bars during acceptance;
  • C.Monitoring and recording of all production stages;
  • D.Problem prevention and timely resolution;
  • E.Testing at independent and external certified laboratories carried out periodically on the product, as well as on request for specific customer needs: e.g. hardness tests (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers), tensile testing, quantometric analysis, decarburisation check, video recorder;
  • F.Traceability of the product supplied and the work phases it has undergone over time: a job order management system, allowing customers to receive documentation on the processing steps relating to the individual production batches, whose numbering characterises and identifies each packaging label.

    The documentation includes:

    - inspections and dimensional measurements carried out during the production process;
    - the certificate of the steel used with its chemical component analysis;
    - the certification of the heat treatment or coating performed;
    - any tests related to the mechanical properties of the piece;

  • 2. Company management quality control:
  • A. Definition of the objectives for improvement
  • B. Verification of the effectiveness of introduced actions and measure
  • C. Improvement of human resources, through updates and specific training courses for the use of machinery