On the 14/07/14 our bolt factory was asked to supply a customer, specialised in crushing plants, with a batch of special fasteners  produced with a specific design. The goods were obviously delivered without any issues or delays but, while the customer was assembling the plant, he realised that he had made the special fastener housing plates incorrectly, with unsuitable holes for the askew head bolts.

The machine needed to be delivered within the next 10 days and the company no longer had any time to correct the plates. Our customer therefore decided to contact us, asking for help to solve the problem.

The responsiveness and flexibility of our company allowed us to immediately activate the Production Manager and the Quality Manager, offering our technical support to modify the angle of the bolts in the shortest possible time.

The next step therefore involved sending our carrier to the customer premises to pick up the customised bolts to be altered.

After a careful technical assessment on how to proceed, we sent the special bolts to the Pressing Department, where their heads were promptly transformed according to the new customer requirements. Once the head angle had been corrected to ensure a perfect pit with the crushing machine plates, the new supply was sent back to the company that performs the heat treatment, to restore the strength of the altered bolt after the new hot-pressing process.

Thanks to the helpfulness and prompt support of Bulloneria Bellicini, within 1 working week, the customer was able to have customised bolts which met the new requirements, thus solving an internal problem that would have caused serious issues for its business: the assembly process was resumed thanks to our timely intervention!

Again the professionalism and technical capabilities of Bulloneria Bellicini ensured close and effective cooperation with the customer, who was able to see the quality of our service and of our production.